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Reviews for Hometown Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say . . .

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Hometown Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact us with any questions!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Jaime Schultz

Dr. Schultz is a master of her craft. I came to her wracked with pain and she brought me back to normalcy. I was a newcomer to chiropractic and am now a true believer. I call her, “Dr. Wonderful” with good reason. Gail L.

My husband and I were very fortunate to find Hometown! Jaime has one of the best ***Local **Natural *Health care businesses in the North County. Jaime’s practice is timely, she provided us the clearest report, in the simplest terms, able to answer all our questions and get us a good jump start to recovery! My husband and I were on wits-end over dr reccomendations, physical therapy, surgery, pushing strange pills down our throat, running our bills up, with their diagnostic: little to no sign of recovery… In the grand scheme this has saved us more than just money. I am still enamered by the wealth of knowledge and care we receive from Jaime and her staff offer. We will continue to share our recovery testimony and reccomend Jaime to all our friends and family! Her business is such a blessing. - Elizabeth L.

So informative and thorough! Thank you Dr. Jaimie! Great compassionate care. April N.

I was very happy after my first consultation at Hometown Chiropractic. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Relaxing atmosphere and compassionate staff. I’m feeling confident about a plan to reduce my pain and that’s exciting stuff! – Sarah B.

Dear Dr. Jaime Schultz,

Throughout my childhood I learned about life and was taught by example from everyone I met and everything I came in contact with. Knowledge that would mold me for many years to come far into my adult life. Most teachings were good, but some were derived from fear of stories told (stories that change over time according to the individual that told it) passed down from many generations, rarely with facts or personal proof.

My fear of the chiropractic way of healing was one of those stories. Fearful of making the injury worse, or even to the point of permanent parallelization. I have had two major spinal surgeries over a 16 year period of time enduring constant back and leg pain. Before the second surgery my life was poor, either working with pain or so plastered at home on pain killers that I didn’t know if I was coming or going. The second surgery made a world of difference regarding to quality of life with pain reduction.

Over time new pain developed from disc’s and muscles that shift and tweak. I again was in pain from migraine headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Drugs, at times laying me up on the couch for long periods. What was the trigger to all of this?

My daughter, after finding that she received much relief of pain from her visits to Hometown Chiropractic, and with the knowledge that it would be a challenge to persuade or change my mind-set of chiropractic healing, she started working on me. Tirelessly over time she explained to me the benefits that she was personally experiencing. Finally after much talk I agreed to attend one visit, if nothing more than to put to rest the thought that the chiropractic way of healing would work for me.

Wow, was I misinformed about life. My experience with Hometown Chiropractic is more than I expected. I now attend weekly healing sessions. The quality of all areas of service speaks for its self. From a smile , concern for my personal health and welcoming upon entrance through the front door to willingness to help schedule a visit time suitable to my day time planner. From the warm welcoming in the waiting room with a news paper and occasional light munchies, to never waiting more than 10 minutes before its time to the procedure room. Dr. Jaime is wonderful. She listens with concern to me while I am trying to explain my aches and pains. Dr. Jaime performs the procedure customized to my personal needs and I even feel better after each session . It works. I learned to trust and have patience. I am no longer haunted with pain. It can be taken care of quickly with the caring people from Hometown Chiropractic. Physical health coincides with mental health. What a concept, “whole body”.

Thank you Dr. Jaime for your continued support of my health.

- Steven I.

What normal activities could you not do? “I wasn’t sleeping well and couldnt turn my head fully to the sides.”

Did you try a lot of other things before you came to our office? “Other Chiropractic treatments without the same results, exercise programs, supplements and massage and often Aleve.”

What can you do now because of our care? “Sleep great – taught about special pillow and neck rolls, stretches that I can do at home.”

Would you like to add anything? “The program worked exactly as explained, progress was monitored regularly with excellent results. I feel great.”

“I have been so impressed with the effectiveness of the program. It worked exactly like it was laid out to me, being seen frequently review programs periodically, begin to really feel better and not need to be seen as often.

Now I enjoy a quality of life, free of pain, tight muscles and back spasm greater than any other time in my life.

Thank you to all at Hometown Chiropractic for the great care, encouragement and support.” - Deena P.

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